Paid-intern program 4 reasons Why Japan is good place to start a new life

Japan is one of the popular travel destination and livable country for foreign people, especially because of the beautiful nature and unique culture. You can find a unique characteristic in each region, for example, western Japan is not too busy like in Tokyo, people are more open and you feel a different energy and authentic Japanese culture and food. Perhaps you already have an idea why Japan is a good country to live in, but we are going to explain 4 reasons why Japan is a good place to live and work.

1. Japan needs more international people

English has become mandatory in the school curriculum in Japan, but still many people are trying to learn the language to improve their career opportunities and catch up with the tourist industry. Maybe you have heard the rumor that the majority of Japanee don’t speak English, even though we have an English class at school. Why? Because the English education system hasn’t developed well in public school and less opportunity to use English. So that means English teachers and shop/hotel staff who speak English are in need, even the countryside in Japan.

Japan has loads of English speakers flock there to work in language school, Hotel industry, Electrical shop, IT, etc.. but it’s very competitive to get a job there especially without having enough experience.

2. Many popular destinations in Japan

Japan returns to the top 5 for travel and tourism in 2019 and will be even busier in 2020 for the Tokyo Olympic. So especially now the hotel industry is so busy. As you may know, there are many beautiful sites in Japan and popular activities among tourists. Kyoto is one of the popular destinations for tourists in the west, and Okinawa is popular for beautiful nature, known for the tropical and historical islands and Tokyo is certainly the busiest, high-tech modern city in Japan. So that means, you’ve got many choices where to use your skills and live in energetic, vibrant Japan!

However, as we mentioned above, getting a job in Japan is very competitive even for natives in English. It’s not going to be easy to find a job without work experience and fluency in the Japanese language. Especially to get pay without skills is difficult, so that is why we are here to help you find a job in Japan to improve your career opportunity and life in Japan.

3. Unique, Authentic Japanese culture to learn

If you want to enjoy the relaxed authentic Japanese atmosphere, we recommend living in the countryside. Because there still remains many historical places and you can find the traditional Japanese lifestyles, such as Onsen(hot spring), temples, and shrines, etc. Your daily life in the countryside of Japan brings lots of new experiences!

If you are challenging and willing to work in a fast pace environment, then Tokyo is for you. Although Japanese people are considered as hard workers, they are respectful, friendly and supportive.

4. Heavenly tasty Japanese cuisine you can enjoy

Japan is also known as the healthiest food culture. You will enjoy the freshest, authentic Japanese food in each region. Especially western Japan is a very popular destination for foodies as many delicious dishes you can find in local restaurants. Imagine having the best quality stake such as Kobe beef and fresh fish for sashimi or sushi is mouth-watering. Also, a very popular dish called Okonomiyaki, which is sometimes called as Japanese pizza is must try!

Once you fall into “the Japanese world”, no wonder why the country is being so different than what you are used to while Japan is also being technologically advanced, stable working culture and safe.

We want to hear what you want to experience in Japan then we can help you to find your ideal plan, you will love our Paid-Internship program!

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