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We are a Sydney based education agency covers more than 300 schools and have more than 200 partnerships for the internship all across Australia. Our 15 years of history and experience can support your new challenge and life in foreign countries, such as Europe, Asia, Canada and more. We deal with your arrival, initial supports, accommodation arrangement, all the school procedure and visa application etc for our clients.


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It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching can help.


It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching can help.


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Why MyStage?

  • オーストラリア拠点!豊富な情報量!充実の現地サポート
  • 無料!カウンセリング・サポート・学校手続き代行すべて無料!
  • 格安!マイステージを通すとさらに安くなる!
  • ベストマッチ!丁寧なカウンセリングで最適なプランをご提案。
  • 親身なアドバイス!あなたの立場に立って、目標達成を本気でサポート。
  • 帰国後の自分に自信!夢を夢で終わらせない現実的なアドバイス。

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This beautiful harbour city, Sydney is home to international students and is well-known for a high quality of life with a paradisiacal mix of beaches and green spaces. Numerous schools including internationally ranked universities are based in the city and students will be offered an enjoyable experience. As it is the Australia’s largest city, there is plenty to see, do and experience while studying!

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Melbourne is named as the world’s most livable city with the highest score for culture, education, stability, and environment etc. When you study in Melbourne, you will be living in a safe, vibrant and fun city that offers you world-class study options and services. Additionally, Melbourne is also known as the cultural capital of Australia and packed full of things to do especially if you are into live music, coffee, fashion or events.

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Brisbane is the capital of Queensland and the perfect place to call home while you study abroad. Aside from the low cost of living, it has 283 days of sunshine per year. Like many Australian cities, Brisbane offers a balance between urban and outdoor lifestyles with a sunny climate, stunning beaches and events etc.

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Gold Coast is located in Queensland, south of Brisbane. With their 300days of sunshine per year, it is the perfect location to spend a vacation as it is Australia’s most popular tourist and study destination. If you want to experience leading education systems and 52km of golden sands named ‘Surfer’s Paradise’, this is the place for you.

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Perth is the capital city of Western Australia that offers the true authentic Australian experience. Although just over 2 million people live in Perth, the city has a spacious, open quality by parklands and ready access to the Swan River and beaches. Because all the universities are based some distance from the city centre, students can enjoy the quiet and nature friendly environment.

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"There are many other cities in Australia that provide high quality education and offer great experiences.
Cairns with Great Barrier Reef, Canberra - the Capital City of Australia, Darwin - outdoor tropical lifestyle, Hobart - clean and beautiful, Adelaide - historical and enchanting"

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